Game Developing Reflection

The developing of our educational game was a really frustrating process at first. We went through a LOT of ideas. Each one of them had completely different goals. I was very pushing towards the idea of living in the shoes of some one else(inspired by spent). Other people in my team were more into a musical game, and even an idea that was brought up in our team was a creative thinking game(we had no idea how to implement it though). Till finally Jomana thought of the mental illness idea , and suggested we should implement it with acting out the daily routine. We got very positive feedback from our professor, and colleagues from this idea so we decided to stick with it even though we had a very limited amount of time, and tons of research, and work to do.

The process of making the game was pretty chaotic mostly we had no problem with the game mechanics, if we had a problem I would usually make a suggestion, and its agreed on or someone else would add to it. However, the biggest obstacle in making the game was meeting up , and actually working on it since it was at a time when everyone was busy so it was hard to organize the group meetings. However, we just organized ourselves in small groups each working on doing one thing per meeting at least, so the other group can continue. However it showed me a major drawback in working in really big groups. Also that some people in groups are just more interested than others, however we did manage to make every one work in the group since every one was given certain tasks to complete. In the end we barely managed to finish the game even though we ran into problems trying to print the cards, and hints of our game. Since the library computers suddenly decided to not work . However thankfully Nadine managed to print everything while on her way to university, and saved the day.

Honestly I feel we could have improved the game in the hints of the diseases. For example we were very tight on time on finding info , and not everyone researched the hints for them like I expected( we agreed on it) , so I only researched the two assigned to me. Bipolar and schizophrenia. However, there was some diseases that i had less time to research , and others that i was very limited in time like mood disorders. I think if I had a 2-3 more days I could have improved that greatly. I also think we could have tested the game more on others so we can get feedback on the events of the game, and how they enjoyed different events. I also think we could have made it more visually appealing if we had more time.


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