My Final Reflection

This is the last blog post I am posting in this course , and like every semester I can’t believe how fast this one went by. Honestly I did enjoy this course overall , and even though I was skeptical about the learning outcomes of this coarse specially ,since its a core not a major course I did feel like learnt something in the end.  What showed that the creative thinking process works is not watching a ton of videos, and trying to practice a lot in class(that definitely helped it just that I was not convinced). What showed that it worked is the first module project. Specially ideation, and being inspired by other ideas. In the module 1 project in which we needed to tackle the problem of food loss or waste(we picked one) . Honestly at first it seemed like a really hard to task , and that no good enough ideas were coming to mind. However, even though we did know our target from  begging we followed a specific process to reach our target. At first we did a generic research to have more insight, then moved on to choose one of the two issues to tackle. We then proceeded to pick our idea, and work on it. Looking back on the process it felt very similar to the process in the video we were shown of  IDEO in the development of there shopping cart. I really did enjoy the making of the first project , since it felt like we had a lot of time to work on it so the work load was divided, and I had a very enthusiastic team.

However the second module which I was personally more interested in the learning outcome from it I felt like I didn’t learn as much from it probably because of the limited time of doing our projects. I did feel like I learned a lot about gaming making, and game designing. However, I don’t think we had enough time to go through all that we learnt in our game . Most notably the testing phase I if we had time to make people play our game other than doctor Maha, and gather feed back we could have got very important information that we could have used to improve our game. Another issue that I felt in the second project that I did not face in the first project was the lack of interest in the project itself, since no one seemed to have time to invest in making the game. Since had a limited amount of time at a busy part of the semester. Honestly I believe that if it was graded individually more people would be interested in participating in the project (how group projects are graded in my major), which makes people contribute as much as they can instead of relying on others.

Overall I think I learned a lot from this coarse throughout the semester. One of the most important I learnt from this coarse not only once but twice was take the process one step at a time. Usually  when a person(or at least that was me) with any sort of task they always try to jump to the making of the final product , or the conclusion. However, while making the projects, and assignments in this coarse I noticed that even though I found some good ideas at first in each project , but they weren’t half as good as the final idea that came after going through several phases. Not because it was a bad idea , but after finding out more information , and several new and existing ideas. After integrating some of them together I came up with a much better idea maybe even based on the idea I had at first. That would be the thing I would remember 5 years in the future from this coarse how to generate several new ideas, and being creative, since its a skill that isn’t exclusive for talented people . Of coarse in 5 years I will also remember that There Are No Stupid Ideas!.








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